Mechatronic free-range insurance
Detection, networking,
Monitoring and control






The electromechanical

security network 




A pure mechanical perimeter protection with fencing and gates is nowadays often not enough to protect your property. PeriNet combines mechanical and electronic security systems to offer you the best protection available on the market. 

PeriNet consists out of a sensor and computer analyzing system, that detects a person claiming over or breakthrough your fence/gate. With point sensors and the VibraTek microphone cable, we have combined two detection systems that have been successfully used in high-security areas for many years. Building upon this technology PeriNet fencing systems has developed the optimum detection system. PeriNet has also combined cable routing and a simplified installation. At the same time PeriNet secures all other safety features that are being used for your property protection. So for instance PeriNet will be cross-linked with your sliding gates and barriers, collectively it will all be monitored and controlled at a central location. 




  • Combined mechanical and electronic safety measures
  • Highest detection security 
  • Anytime modularly expandable 
  • Integrable to already existing security alarm systems 
  • Integrable to superior alarm systems 





Due to PeriNet modular set-up it can be constructed upon individually need safety requirements. Everything from basic detection from gaining entry by climbing, 

or stand-alone solution for storage warehouses, all the way up to cross-linked all in one solution for industrial companies with a combination out of point and line sensors combined with visualization and gate/barriers remote control. 

PeriNet CAB-Bus allows you to build a electronic network so you can secure sliding doors, barriers, turnstiles over a central command point. The system can be connected to a I/O-module that can for an example control the lighting system, if wished automatically together with a alarm. 


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