PeriNet PNP
point sensors
Perimeter protection with accurate location




PeriNet point sensors monitor a localized area. Depending on the sensor distance, a correspondingly accurate alarm localization can be realized. Each sensor picks up structure-borne noise (sawing, pinching of bars), dynamic inclination (overclimbing) and position (absolute angle change) and forwards this information via the PeriNet CAN bus to the central evaluation software PeriNet Base. The database-based application handles the interpretation of the signals of each individual sensor in terms of their type, intensity, duration and frequency. This reliably prevents unwanted alarms.

The flexibility of the system is reflected in its expandability and the ability to integrate and centrally monitor and control other perimeter protection products such as gates or barriers.


PeriNet point sensors

- Open or concealed installation
- precise location
- Individual parameterization
- Reliable prevention of false alarms
- Flexibly expandable
- Future-proof CAN-Bus technology enables the integration of further systems
- Can be combined with PeriNet line sensors


The point sensors can be easily mounted on the bar screen mats. This solution is particularly suitable for retrofitting. If the sensors are to be protected and installed as invisibly as possible, they can be installed in the post profile.


Input / output modules (I / O modules) enable the flexible integration of other systems into the PeriNet CAN bus. Thus, from the central visualization (PeriNet View) also e.g. Gates, barriers, turnstiles or other electrical systems are controlled and monitored.

Up to 63 point sensors or other CAN nodes (I / O modules) can be integrated into a maximum 400m long network. If longer distances or more sensors are required, the system can be extended at will at any time.

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