PeriNet PNL

Line sensors systems 

Surprisingly simple but very effective 



Line sensors are specially designed for surveying long fences made out of wire mesh or rod matt fencing. The "fingertips" from PeriNet line sensor system is a vibration sensitive VibraTek 3G sensor cable. This microphone cable can detect vibration as well as sound, and converts it into electrical signals using the induction principle. Because of VibraTek outstanding signal quality it can digitally evaluate and distinguish between natural environment influences or unusual signals, for an example intrusion attempts.





- Outstanding signal quality for excellent detection 

- Easy installation, hookup and reparation
- Modular layout, freely scalable 




Analyzing Stand-Alone 

As a alone operating 1 or 2 zone analyzing unit it can monitor a fence length of over 500 meters very cost-efficiency. For protection against sabotage all outer installed units are secured with breakers, which protects against unauthorized opening. Alarm and sabotage messages are provided through relay contact.


DuoTek Net

DuoTek network analyzing allows you to monitor up to 64 zones. Every analyzing unit

is equipped with a data port that passes on alarms and sabotage information to the central base unit (EtherTek) using a RS485-Data bus.



Processing System MulitTek

MulitTek mergers signal processing to a central point. All electronic components are secured at a central location, up to 2500 meters away from the monitored fence. The components installed like sensor cables, wiring, and transition elements, work without additional power supply. The integrated EtherTek communication unit establishes the connection to all superior alarm management systems via TCP/IP.


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