Modern ownership protection 

We are offering Fencing and gate systems to a high degree in quality and technology.

10 year experience in property protection.


The range of service for our Mecantrónic Vallas fencing and gating systems reaches from private,


communally, industrial all the way up to the military sector.

Double bar matting 2 types/ one system 


DI = Industrie

DS = Standard

Double bar matting are steel grids that run vertical supported bei round steel bars, with 200mm spacing horizontally running steel bars on both sides. 





Double bar matting are always 2,51 meter wide. 

The hight can be costume made upon customers wishes, anywhere between 0,63 meters up to 2,43 meters is possible. 


Fence posts



Fence posts are made out of profile steel tubes 60 x 40 mm.



Safety and aesthetics 

The fence posts have a smooth surface, rounded off edges to prevent injury risk.

The results is a maximum damage safety and injury prevention.




                 PI                                  PS                        


 2 mounting systems for the grid mats on the fence posts.


The mounting is done with specialized per-assembled spacers.



  3 Corner Solutions

  •   Corner posts 
  •   Corner connections
  •   Corner structure through bending




All fence parts, posts, gate, und barrier systems 



- no corrosion

- hot-galvanized steel

- German quality 


Climb over safeguard


Standard colors - further colors on request

hot-dip galvanized


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